Legal Access to Cannabis - The Workplace Impact Workshop


Is your workplace ready for the legalization of recreational cannabis? If so, does every employee know what approach is being taken by the company once Canadians are allowed to legally consume cannabis?

The legal shift with cannabis can be difficult for some companies, but it doesn't have to be for yours.

WCCC will assist you to make your organization’s position on consumption of cannabis clear, and help employees deal with any bias, to reduce risk of peer conflict and harassment.

With our Legal Access to Cannabis – The Workplace Impact Lunch & Learn event we deliver an interactive training session to all employees that highlights and educates on the organization’s substance use policy in a way that’s easy, informative and engaging.

We will touch upon the basics of cannabis, levels of THC in products, effects of different ingestion methods and dangers of dependence to facilitate understanding of potential impacts on functioning, impairment risks, and legal implications.

At the end of the training, employees will be able to understand cannabis impairment, what fit for duty means, and the employer’s as well as employees’ role in enforcing and supporting safety in the workplace – especially in safety-sensitive workplaces.

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Brock Freeman